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Equality & Diversity

Equality Information

Equality & Diversity Update 2014Wirral Metropolitan is committed to embedding Equality and Diversity in everything we do.
Our Equality and Diversity Update newsletter gives a brief summary of some of the ways we do this.
As part of our Equality and Diversity Policy, we look closely at our information about staff and students. This is used to help set our Equality and Diversity Action plan for further improvements.

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Student data:

Equality & Diversity Objective 2012 (Staff)

As part of the College’s statutory duties under the Equality Act and our ongoing commitment to promoting equality and diversity throughout our workforce, we have devised an equality & diversity objective specific to our workforce.

Click here to download our Equality & Diversity Objective 2012 (Staff) »
(A paper copy of this document is available from our HR Department on request.)

Staff Data

The following data covers the period 15th December 2013 to 14th December 2014: